What’s on Tap? Empirical Infinity IPA and Hopewell Swift IPA. Thursday, 4.28.16

Empirical LogohopewellStop in for a special evening featuring two new IPA’s from two new local breweries, Empirical located at 1801 W. Foster and Hopewell located in Logan Square at 2760 N. Milwaukee. Both IPA’s are classic representatives of the category with lively hop notes and solid malt backbones. The following are descriptions from the breweries:

What we love in a great IPA is a firm, clean bitterness with a mix of pine, resin, and bright citrus aromas, all capped off with a snappy dry finish. We achieve that luscious imbalance by using copious amounts of American hops at every opportunity during the process. The result is a crisp, toasty, malt flavor that cowers before a massive hoppy bitterness and aroma, crawling its way from the glass to smack your taste buds around.

This is our IPA featuring a substantial crisp bitterness kept in check by a solid malty sweetness. With an intense citrus bouquet and flavor, Swift is a bright and clean IPA.

Hope to see you here!!!!