The Art of Craft Beer – Tonight, Thursday, 5/26

Art of Craft Beer 2016 HighJoin us for the third annual Art of Craft Beer, a Chicago Craft Beer Week event celebrating craft beer and the art that comes with it. Meet some of the often overlooked artists who create your favorite craft beer labels and see their work in a festive beer garden gallery. While you’re taking in the art you can also enjoy special craft beers from the featured breweries.
This year’s artists include:
Dan Grzeca – 3 Floyds, Surly & South Loop
Nikki Jarecki – Off Color
Jeff Kuhnie – Pipeworks
Rob Syers – 3 Floyds
Phineas X Jones – Half Acre
Mighty Few Studio – Goose Island, Penrose & Revolution
Aquanaut Brewery Art
Gertrude Inc. – Around the Bend
Pipeworks #2

Featured Beer Includes:

Aquanaut Stella by Starlight, Chicago, IL, 12oz, 7.2% – A Belgian IPA generously hopped with Mosaic Hops. Glass 7.50 / 8oz 5.25

 Aquanaut Queen’s Best Bitter, Chicago, IL, 16oz, 4.6% – A session malt forward English-style bitter. Glass 6 / 8oz 3.25 / Pitcher 22

 Around the Bend Sunde Bock, Chicago, IL, 12oz, 7% – A Maibock brewed with Mexican cinnamon and plums resulting in a malt-forward beer with restrained notes of plum on the nose and delicate hints of cinnamon on the finish. Glass 5.50 / 8oz 3.75

 Half Acre Galactic Double Daisy Cutter, Chicago, IL, 12oz, 8% – A variant of the Double Daisy Cutter Imperial IPA featuring the Galaxy Hop known for making palettes numb. Glass 6.50 / 8oz 4.50

 Penrose Imperial IPA, Geneva, IL, 12oz, 9.3% – An imperial IPA brewed with a blend of 4 American hops. Glass 6.50 / 8oz 4.50

 Goose Island Old Man Grumpy (OMG), Chicago, IL, 16oz, 5.5% – A newly released draft only, Chicago only session pale ale. Pint 6 / 8oz 3.25 / Pitcher 22

 Off Color Sparkles Finds (Some) Trouble, Chicago, IL, 12oz, 4.5% – A recently released Leipzig-style gose brewed with hibiscus flowers. Slightly tart with subtle fruity floral notes. Glass 5 / 8oz 3.50

 Pipeworks Attack of the Devil’s Lettuce, Chicago, IL, 12oz, 9% – A coffee Imperial IPA featuring the lemony Sorachi Ace Hop brewed in collaboration with 18th Street brewing and Dark Matter Coffee. Glass 8.50 / 8oz 6

 Pipeworks Lizard King, Chicago, IL, 12oz, 6% – An American pale ale brewed with Mosaic and Amarillo hops. Glass 5.50 / 8oz 3.75

 Three Floyds Gumballhead, Munster, IN, 16oz, 4.8% – American Wheat Ale with a hoppy/orange finish. Pint 6 / Pitcher 22 / 8oz 3.25

 South Loop World’s Columbian Coffee Exposition, Chicago, IL, 6oz, 10% – South Loop has be renamed Hop Butcher to the World. An Imperial coffee stout brewed in collaboration with Hero Coffee Bar. Glass 5

Sponsored by: Village Tap &