2017 Stout Spectacular Kicks-Off Thursday, January 19, 2017

blacknote-12ozbtlIt’s that time of year when we face the Chicago winter head on with our annual stout spectacular. Join us for the kick-off on Thursday, January 19th as we collectively exclaim “oh yeah!!” to the weather outside. We hope to see you here as this year’s line up will include the following and more:

2009 Bourbon County Brand Stout, bottled 12.18.2009, 22oz, 13%. $50 (21 available)

2013 Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout, bottled 11.15.2013, 12oz, 13.4%. $20 (8 available)

2013 Bourbon County Brand Barleywine, bottled 9.17.13, 12oz, 12.1%. $20 (8 available)

Barrel Aged Stouts & Porters:

Bell’s Black Note, Kalamazoo, MI, 6oz, 10.8% – Bell’s Expedition and Double Cream stouts are aged in freshly retired oak bourbon barrels and then blended together. Glass 5

Cahoots 2015 Barrel Aged No S’mores, Oak Park, IL, 6oz, 10% – A sweet imperial stout aged in Buffalo Trace barrels that is brewed with vanilla beans and a single malt scotch infusion. Glass 6.50

Revolution 2015 Bean Gene, Chicago, IL, 6oz, 8% – Eugene Porter aged in bourbon barrels with Dark Matter coffee. Glass 6.50

Revolution 2015 Very Mad Cow, Chicago, IL, 6oz, 9.7% – A dark and creamy milk stout aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. Glass 6.50

Other Draft Stouts & Porters:
4 Hands Absence of Light, St. Louis, MO, 12oz, 7.1% – A peanut butter chocolate milk stout. Glass 5.50 / 8oz 3.75

Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway Stout, San Diego, CA, 6oz, 12% – Speedway Stout brewed with Vietnamese coffee. Glass 7.50

Half Acre 2015 Big Hugs, Chicago, IL, 6oz, 10% – An Imperial Stout with pronounced coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavors. Glass 4.50

Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro, Longmont, CO, 16oz, 6% – A creamy milk stout with an aroma of brown sugar and vanilla cream and the flavor of toasty mocha and milk chocolate. Pint 6 / 8oz 3.50

Off Color 2015 Dino S’mores, Chicago, IL, 6oz, 10.7% – An imperial stout brewed with graham flour, marshmallows, molasses and vanilla beans with cocoa nibs added. Glass 5

Perennial 2015 Mint Chocolate Stout, St. Louis, MO, 6oz, 10% – An imperial Stout brewed with chocolate malts, cacao nibs, and mint leaves. Glass 6

Pipeworks S’more Money, S’more Problems, Chicago, IL, 6oz, 10% – Imperial Stout brewed with graham crackers, cacao nibs, vanilla bean, marshmallow and cinnamon. Glass 6

Southern Tier Choklat, Lakewood, NY, 6oz, 10% – An imperial stout brewed with chocolate with notes of sweet caramel, vanilla, dark cherries and a taste of bittersweet chocolate. Glass 5

Stone Xocoveza, Escondido, CA, 12oz, 8.1% – A mocha-stout brewed with cocoa, Mostra coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and milk sugar, a take on Mexican hot chocolate. Glass 5

Temperance 2015 Toasted Coconut Might Meets Right, Evanston, IL, 12oz, 8.7% – An imperial stout brewed with toasted coconut. Glass 5

Barrel aged:
Coronado Stupid Stout, Coronado, CA, 6oz, 9% – An imperial stout aged in oak bourbon barrels. Glass 5

Brick Stone Raspberry Dark Secret, Bourbonnais, IL, 6oz, 11% – An imperial stout brewed with dark caramel malts and fresh raspberries. Glass 5

Pollyanna Personal Chain Letter, Lemont, IL, 6oz, 10.1% – An imperial stout brewed with Madagascar vanilla beans. Glass 5

Southern Tier Crème Brulee, Lakewood, NY, 6 oz, 9.5% – An Imperial Milk Stout, nicely sweet and balanced, rich and milky with a nose of Crème Brulee and a flavor of caramelized sugar, vanilla and custard. Glass 5

Hope to see you here!!!!